"There is only the understanding that needs to be taught to every child in the world, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already as powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality they desire, without having to hurt anyone or anything. That’s how powerful you are. The object of the Game is to wake up within the dream and, in effect, become a Lucid Dreamer."
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    The Real Secret is an attempt to convey the most important knowledge available to mankind in a way that the average person can understand. For most people it is new, dramatic and almost unbelievable. I ask you to suspend judgement because everything you think and believe to be true has been fed to you since childhood by forces that do not want you to wake up to true freedom and personal power. With 12 pages and over thirty hours of videos, The Real Secret website contains a wealth of free, life-changing information...

   It is now 2018 and this website has done its job in preparing the open minded for the great changes we are now seeing. We are seeing the predicted end game being played out in the Middle East and the lies of governments and the media are being exposed as more and more people wake up to reality and no longer believe the propaganda we are fed from every side. This website still contains invaluable information but is no longer being updated.

"If you don't follow your spirit without hesitation, you end up following your hesitation without spirit."

    "Look at suffering as a whole, you will soon realize that your suffering is a part of that collective suffering. It will then become apparent that the most important thing we can do to reduce suffering in the world is to reduce our own suffering as individuals. You are contributing to world suffering when you suffer as a result of focusing on the suffering of others. Because of this, it can easily be said that the single most important thing you will ever do for world suffering, is to do whatever it takes to enable yourself to be happy."

"The Universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper"

Take a look at everything in the website and if you want to take practical, life changing action get my unique and powerful

Guide to Changing Your Own Personal Timeline

Get To the Point Where You Don't Need To be Told Anything...

Stop Being a Slave & Discover Your Real Purpose in Life...

Downloadable e-book on the practical application of everything in this website. Contains unique information and methods for clearing your psyche to achieve your full potential.

 A guide to changing your world and an exciting journey on the path to creating your own reality.

   Practical information how we can become free of fear, cease being a slave to The Powers That Be, create our own reality and prepare ourselves for the new paradigm coming right now. Containing new information, some completely original techniques for transforming your subconscious mind using dreams and imagination plus information from my previously published books, this is a complete, stand-alone publication. One of the important new pieces of information I cover is the use of dreams (and imagination if your dreams are not yet accessible to you) as a training ground for changing your reality.

    When you think about it, doesn't it strike you as ridiculous that we get afraid in dreams and behave as if they were the 'real world'? How stupid to run from monsters and fire in our dreams when they cannot hurt us. Why not just stand there and know that nothing can really affect you? The dream world is to our normal consciousness what the real world is to our spirit or soul. If we can train ourselves to change the reality of our dreams and imagination, then this will show us how we can change the reality of our 'real, waking world'.

    When you experience the freedom and power of being afraid of nothing in the world of your imagination, this gives you tremendous power in the waking world. The power to change it and the ability to have no fear...

    I also reveal details of an incredibly powerful and completely new technique recently released to completely heal any physical or psychological condition using a self-treatment taking a few minutes a day and fully effective in weeks. 80 pages of practical, life changing information relevant to our situation today. Updated May 2014


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2.     First, Know Yourself…

3.     Controlled & Suppressed

4.     The Path To Freedom

5.     Creating Your Own Reality

6.     Ascension

7.    NLP & Psychological Types











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