"There is only the understanding that needs to be taught to every child in the world, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already as powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality they desire, without having to hurt anyone or anything. Thatís how powerful you are. The object of the Game is to wake up within the dream and, in effect, become a Lucid Dreamer."
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Creating Reality

    In the 24 hours since this time yesterday, over 200,000 acres of rainforest have been destroyed in our world. Fully 13 million tons of toxic chemicals have been released into our environment. Over 45,000 people have died of starvation, 38,000 of them children. And more than 130 plant or animal species have been driven to extinction by the actions of humans. The last time there was such a rapid loss of species was when the dinosaurs vanished. And all this just since yesterday. This is what we, yes you and me, are creating right now and yet it is preventable.

 "I can have, do, be anything I want."

    There are many negative aspects to this planet but we are still powerful, spiritual beings able to create our own reality and it's not our job to 'change the world' because the world is the creation of humanity. So, the good news is that our purpose is really to be happy! To feel joy is the greatest service to the universe because when we feel joy, we are helping in the expansion of the universe. Why? Watch this explanation from Teal Swan.


   There can be little doubt that we have reached crisis point concerning the planet and the old economic/political ways. It's not hard to see things crumbling all around us and the number of natural disasters has increased dramatically in the last ten years. It's easy and understandable to think that this is not our fault but really the state of the world and all life is just a reflection of the collective unconscious of humanity - and our own distorted belief system contributes to that...

    As humanity begins to wake up in preparation for the new paradigm, we have witnessed the birth of the largest movement ever seen on the planet - groups opposed to the destruction of mother earth for reasons of profit.


    Many philosophies state that the world is an illusion inside our minds and created by us, but what does this really mean and how can it be explained rationally? The spiritual beliefs of today are the science of tomorrow and it has already been demonstrated that intention influences what should be random outcome. Many experiments have proven that the mind of an observer can statistically move results from the expected. Our true power to shape reality has not been discovered by science yet but it is truly limitless.

    In order to understand how a single individual can change reality, we have to understand the concept of timelines and higher dimensions. This is new science but the understanding of time being the 4th dimension goes back over 100 years and was first explained to the public with the idea of 'Flatland', which is a two dimensional world with no up or down - rather like an infinitely thin sheet of paper. If we (from our three dimensional world) insert a pencil into the Flatlander's world, what will they see? A line magically appears. When we pull it out, it disappears completely. For them, the pencil was an event in time where they saw a partial reality but for us, the whole pencil simply 'is'.

    From this, we can deduce that the fourth dimension for us is time. If we were conscious in the fourth dimension we would see the past, present and future simultaneously and our lives would be seen as one event like a long sausage from birth to death (and probably before and after as well). Modern science accepts many more dimensions and to cut the complicated explanations short, the fifth dimension is all the other possibilities - all the possible permutations if everybody had done things differently and made different choices going back to the 'beginning of time'. This gives rise to the infinite parallel universes theory where all possibilities exist. So, in one universe, we are married and in another, you killed me and so on.

   In the sixth dimension, all these possibilities exist simultaneously and is too far beyond our concept to grasp. A further six even higher dimensions have been postulated and agrees with information channelled from higher beings that a 12th dimension exists, complete with 'life' which would certainly be god to us. Interestingly, it is claimed that our spirit comes from the 11th dimension which would make us incredibly powerful beings able to create the rather large reality of our planet, the solar system, the galaxy and maybe the whole universe.

   The alternate universes of the 5th dimension are alternate timelines for us as individuals and it is this that gives us infinite possibilities to change our 'future'. Of course, in practice, we can only create a reality in which we genuinely believe (at a subconscious level) and since we have forgotten our powerful origins and have become little more than thinking animals, we are normally only able to change reality on a very small scale.

    You will never change anything in the world but many people waste a lifetime trying to do so. If you change yourself, then you will shift to a parallel universe where things match the change within yourself. From this it can be seen that everybody lives in a world of their own making and that our task in this game called life is to change ourselves.

    In one one timeline, our planet has already been destroyed by our stupidity - the economic system collapsed, we had World War III, the environment was completely destroyed and billions died. This is the symbolism of 2012 which is a crucial turning point for the planet in terms of timelines. According to the Mayan calendar, time itself has been exponentially speeding up and indeed it is clear to see that change is happening faster and faster. What took years now happens in a few days. Think about the possibilities of that. On a personal level, it means that we can accomplish tremendous things in a very short time - the energy of change can work for or against us. We can evolve incredibly rapidly if we choose...

   To get back to creating our own reality, I will give a simple example. Take anything you want -  an easy example is to be rich. Books and videos like The Secret and The Power of Attraction tell half the story (they don't work for most people) because they are missing two important factors. The first is the concept of timelines (in one timeline we are already rich) and the second is 'personal power'. By this I mean both the quantity and quality of energy we posses.

   Most people leak energy like a sieve. They dissipate emotional energy continually in the form of anxiety, fear, stress, anger, all of which leaves the average person low on personal power. People also make the mistake when putting in a request to the universe' of saying that they 'want such and such'. OK, this will be granted and they continue to want! Given the fact that in one timeline you are already rich (or whatever it is you desire) the task is to connect with this alternate you and be pulled onto that timeline. The technique for doing that requires framing requests in the present tense and using a method to get the belief into the subconscious mind. Once this is done with full energy, the request will be answered, without fail. Nothing is impossible - what we can conceive, we can create and very quickly, too. The request needs to be framed like this, 'I am so happy and grateful I earn XXX a month from YYY'.

   Note the present tense (for in one reality, the one you want, you already do earn this amount every month) and that it is specific in how much and from where. Of course, you ALSO need to acquire the practical skills to make this happen. Actual methods for doing this are in my downloadable guide. Theoretical knowledge is useless without practical application. Because of the special times we are experiencing as we approach 2012, creating your own reality is very much easier than before. This is only the first stage for in the new paradigm, we do not need to 'work' at creating reality, we simply open ourselves up to the bounty of the universe and dance with the flow. The need to create comes from the creation of imperfection.

    Be aware also that on a very deep level, we may need to experience tragedy and suffering. It may be part of why we have incarnated on this planet. Even so, we have the power to change that if we choose, if we understand what we have to learn and experience. Without the concept of many universes, there is no explanation of how we as godlike, powerful spiritual beings can feel so weak and inadequate in our personal lives - we experience only an infinitely small part of ourselves at any one time. Each small part is where it is to experience and grow separately.

   The 'suppression of technology' flashed on the screen in the first video refers to the fact that we've had technology available to give the world free energy, anti gravity, interstellar flight, cure cancer, etc., etc. for decades. In fact, Nikoli Tesla invented a system to provide free electricity for the whole world before the First World War! This was not some fanciful system drawing energy from other dimensions as is often claimed but using the same energy that produces lightning. It was tested and proven to work. Of course, the oil companies and existing electricity suppliers killed this idea.

Imagine what the world would be like if we'd had free energy for everyone, everywhere for 100 years.

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