"There is only the understanding that needs to be taught to every child in the world, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already as powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality they desire, without having to hurt anyone or anything. Thatís how powerful you are. The object of the Game is to wake up within the dream and, in effect, become a Lucid Dreamer."
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2012 & Ascension (Still relevant in 2015!)

    There are three important things to know about 2012. The first is the outcome is not written in stone and changes according to the level of awareness of humanity. The second is that 2012 is not an exact date - nothing will happen on 21st December! The third is that nobody is going to save us, no ETs will arrive and rescue the chosen, we have to do that for ourselves. Several years ago, we were heading for widespread death and destruction but now things are looking good. Don't believe the tales of fear because that's what The Powers That Be want and the more of us who are afraid, the worse the world becomes and the more they can control us.

    There is no doubt that an accelerated evolution of mankind is taking place right now. Change is happening faster and faster at a rate never seen before. It's affecting everybody but only a small proportion are consciously participating. The result is that humanity has split into two streams and those streams are diverging into two separate timelines.

    It was very difficult to choose videos for this subject. There are many around but the fact is nobody knows exactly what will happen or when. For this reason, I have chosen the Inelia Benz interview because she makes no dramatic claims about the coming events and simply sticks to her own story and the part she is playing. Some of you will resonate with her and others will disbelieve her. For my part, I immediately knew she was speaking the truth and then, later doubt set in!

    There are some contradictions in what she says and places where her 'human' side reveals weakness but she's clever enough to avoid this if it were all an act. Real people make mistakes and have contradictions in their stories and whatever her spirit is and wherever it comes from, what we see speaking to us is a 'normal' human being and she's talking from a place of energy rather than intellectual precision. I allowed my doubting intellect to spend several weeks checking every bit of available information on the Internet (some of it very damning) and read a couple of her published books. I've read everything she's written in the past on forums and everything written about her and come to the conclusion she is at least a well meaning and good person. At best, it is very likely her story is true. I choose to believe that it is, as much as I believe anything outside my own personal experience...

    This is one of the most important videos about the unusual current times in which we live. Ascension is about 'raising the level of vibration of the planet' and everything and everyone within it'. Inelia's mission is to eliminate the bottlenecks in the process and return the planet to a more level playing field to allow free will and choice. Some people complain that there is too much 'small talk' and autobiography but I personally enjoyed that!

    There is no doubt that many people are already undergoing there own personal ascension and indeed many people have been born in the last few decades with 'special abilities' - Indigo Children of various kinds. The new world is already here but most people are still asleep and living in the old...

    David Wilcock is a major player in the 2012 field and I have posted his 2012 Enigma video on the Big Picture page as his talks always encompass a vast range of information!


This video provoked a lot of attacks and Inelia later commented on some of the criticisms here.

    I also want to include this short video from Lee Carroll on the Mayan Calendar and our need to stop believing in the fear based claims about 2012...


    The new paradigm means that we do not need the old ways of 'doing things'. For example, as Inelia Benz said, if you request that your higher self fully incarnates into your present physical body, then you do not need any therapy or outside help at all. The concept of 'help' is based on the old imperfect world where most of us were incapable of raising the level of vibration of the planet because we ourselves were suffering.

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