"There is only the understanding that needs to be taught to every child in the world, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already as powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality they desire, without having to hurt anyone or anything. Thatís how powerful you are. The object of the Game is to wake up within the dream and, in effect, become a Lucid Dreamer."
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Money and Abundance

This is the best short explanation of how banks scam the public and create debt.


Listen to Josie the Outlaw on 'Who Owns You?'


This From 'Bashar'.

For there are hundreds of millions of us,
what you call extraterrestrials,
who are watching your planet as it goes through its changes now.
This is a very important time upon your Earth,
many things are happening that will allow you
to one day... learn to create realities... in a different way,
in a way that does not create problems,
suffering... confusion... pollution,
and all sorts of other forms of danger upon your world.

We are watching you change your idea about what you are.
We are watching you change your idea about what you can do.
You are beginning to remember... you are beginning to realize
that the things that you have been taught on your planet
for thousands of years... are not the way it has to be.

You are beginning to realize that you CAN create the lives you want.
You are beginning to realize that you CAN live your dreams,
that you can have all the joy... all the abundance... all the creativity,
that you really do want... that you really do desire in your hearts,
that there are ways to create these things,
that there are ways that you can always be happy,
that there are ways that you can always easily solve all your problems,
because you are powerful beings,
each and every one of you... is a powerful aspect of creation,
each and every one of you has the capability
to know whatever you need to know,
to have whatever you need to have,
to live lives FULLY... without pain... without struggle,
to learn... to grow... and to become together... a planetary society,
that can then allow your planet to become a garden,
and can then reach out to the stars and join us in our exploration
of many different worlds... many different people,
many different beings that exist.

But we can not interact with you fully
until your world begins to change a little bit more dramatically,
in ways that are more similar to our civilizations.

Only when you become a little bit more like us,
peaceful... creative... joyful... happy... then can we interact with you.
Because it is still your planet... you still have to make the decisions
as to the way you want your planet to be.

We cannot interfere... we cannot do it for you,
cannot force our ideas upon you.
We can only guide you... we can only suggest,
that there are ways in which your world
can be very, very joyful... very, very creative.
But you must decide to take our word,
and to turn our words into action,
to change things upon your planet in positive ways.

And when you change them enough in positive ways,
then YOU WILL CREATE the kind of environment,
YOU WILL CREATE the kind of world,
wherein our people can more freely and openly interact with yours.
That day is not very far away,
you have already made a great many changes upon your planet.

We have been speaking to your people now for a number of years,
teaching you HOW to make changes,
HOW to make your life more easy,
HOW to make your life more happy,
HOW to be creative... HOW to be powerful,
HOW to know you are strong.

For all of you are already strong... none of you is weak... not really.
You may be taught that you are weak,
you may have been taught to believe
that you don't have the ability to do this,
or you don't have the ability to do that,
or you don't have the ability to HAVE this or HAVE that.

But these are only lessons you have learned.
Perhaps your parents have taught them to you,
perhaps their parents have taught them to them,
and all the way back for thousands of years,
you have been teaching each other
that things have to be hard... that things have to be difficult,
that you cannot allow yourself to create easily.

You no longer have to believe this.
Now you are waking up... waking up from your sleep,
waking up into the understanding that you ARE powerful people.

You can be grateful to the universe,
and humble still... for what you have.
You can USE your gratitude... you can USE your power,
to HELP yourselves... to HELP others.
For the more you love... the more you help each other,
the more you will have... guaranteed.

This is not just philosophy,
this is not just something that sounds good,
this is the way the universe works.

Everything in the universe is energy... everything is energy,
matter is energy... it is like crystalized energy.
In the same way that you have steam, water and ice.
They are all different forms of the same thing.

Energy is like the steam... it moves around,
it expands... it goes where it will... very fluid.
Matter is like ice... solidified water,
but its all made of the same thing.

It depends upon the vibration.
When you're a high vibration... a high frequency... you are energy.
When you are a s-l-o-w vibration... a s-l-o-w frequency,
you are matter.

But that's what your spirit is... your spirit is energy!
You have heard your people on your planet talk about spirit,
you have heard them talk about soul... consciousness... mind.
IT'S ENERGY! It's all energy... it's all light,
light that sometimes is free,
light that sometimes is structured and solid.
It's all that kind of energy.

When you change your vibration by changing the way you think,
by changing the way you act,
you change your frequency... you go faster,
things run more smoothly... not quite so s-l-o-w-l-y and difficultly.

If you are moving too s-l-o-w-l-y... if you are too solid,
because your beliefs and your ideas say that
things have to be hard... things have to be difficult,
to the point where you hardly know how to move at all,
you can learn new ideas... ideas that have higher energy to them.

When you learn how to see things in new ways
and they bring higher energy,
then things are easy... the universe moves easily,
you can change things quickly,
you can create things in your life,
attract things in your life... quickly... smoothly.

Again, this is not just talk... you can see it work.
When you change your idea... when you change your thoughts,
when you learn how to see things differently,
when you learn how to define your reality differently,
then things happen differently!

Because your physical reality,
it seems very solid... I know... but it's not.
It only seems solid because of your idea.

When you define it differently, it will be less solid.
This physical reality is a mirror,
a mirror that reflects back to you the way you think,
what you think is possible.
You can only get what you have been taught to believe is possible.
When you start to believe more is possible... you get more.
That's the way the universe works.
But if you don't believe you can get more,
the universe cannot give you more.

Now, sometimes we hear you on Earth saying,
"Oh, I want more... I want more... I want more... but I don't get it.
I would like this to happen... I would like that to happen,
I would like my life to change this way but it doesn't happen,
Why not?"

Very often, it does not happen
because you may be SAYING you want it to happen,
but in your mind... in your heart,
you don't really believe that it can happen,
because you have been taught to believe it CAN'T happen.

You have been taught to believe that those things are hard,
that those things are difficult, or
you have been taught to believe that if you do get what you want,
it will cause another kind of problem to come around,
and you don't want that.

So, you attach problems to these ideas that you want.
For example, many of you say, "Well, I want to be rich,
I want to have lots of money... I want to have abundance,
I want to be able to do whatever I want to do.
I want to be a happy person and create whatever I want to create,
and have abundance and money:".

But maybe somewhere,
somewhere when you were being brought up,
you were taught things about money.
If you will remember many of the things you were taught,
many of the things you hear people say about money,
you will realize that you are given beliefs that cancel each other out

"Well", they say to you all, "When you grow up,
you will be successful if you make a lot of money."
And then the next day they say, "Money is the root of all evil."

Well, what are you supposed to do?
"Well, if money is the root of all evil
and I make a lot of money that means I'll be evil.
I don't want to be evil... so I won't make any money."

And you become CONFUSED,
and you don't know how to attract money to yourself,
because deep in your heart... in your mind... you think,
"Well, I'll be evil... because they told me money's evil.
I'll be greedy... people will think I'm greedy,
and I don't want to be greedy... so I won't have any money,
then people won't think I'm greedy.
Then people will just think I'm poor.
And so I can't win... how do I get out of this idea?
If I have money, people think I'm greedy,
if I don't have money, people think I'm lazy... what do I do?"

You have to start learning how to define the reality
the way you want to define it.
You have to start creating beliefs that you believe are true,
that will work FOR YOU.

You can learn to say, "I CAN be abundant... I CAN have money,
having money doesn't mean I have to be a bad person.
Having money doesn't mean I have to be greedy.
Having money doesn't mean I have to be evil.
I can be different... I can be a good person if I have money,
I can help people if I have money,
I can be a very loving person if I have money,
and I can do wonderful things."

You can learn to think that way and start ACTING that way.
And when you do start acting that way,
you will see your reality will start giving you the things
that reflect THAT kind of person... THAT kind of belief.

No longer will money be kept from you,
because you will not be keeping it from yourself
with your negative belief... you'll have a positive belief,
and the universe will give you what you need... as it always does.

The universe can only give you what you believe you can handle,
and if you have not been taught to believe
you can handle something... the universe will not hand it to you.
For you won't know what to do with it.

It does no good for you to be rich,
if you're just going to hold on to the money
and sit there worrying about what people think
if you are greedy or evil... you cannot use it.
You have to allow yourself to move beyond that.

Now, some of you say, "Now, wait a minute,
there are people who have a lot of money,
and they ARE greedy... they ARE acting like bad people.
How did that happen?"

Sometimes you have to understand,
that belief systems are very distinct... very discrete.
That person may act like a bad person,
but they may fully believe that for themselves,
they deserve that money.

And as long as the belief is there that they deserve it,
even if they act badly with it... they will still get it.
Most people who don't have money, don't have it,
mostly because they don't believe they deserve it,
because they have not been taught to believe that they are powerful,
that they are worthy of having UNLIMITED abundance and joy.

These things are easy to understand,
if you are willing to believe that your belief will create your reality.
You can SEE it happen... you can SEE it change,
you can SEE it work.

And this can work in relationships,
it can work for any kind of abundance issue,
it can work for health issues,
it can work for ANYTHING that you want to change in your life.
Doesn't matter what it is... doesn't matter.

All the principles are the same:
You are the Creator of your reality... you were granted this ability.
You have free will... you are an unlimited aspect,
a portion of God... of the Creator... of All That Is.

You are the all the eyes of God,
all the different ways that God has of seeing Itself,
all the different ways that God has of expressing Itself.
And when we say God... we simply mean... All That Is.
Consciousness Itself... Creation Itself.

We do not necessarily mean
the way many of your religions on your planet
choose to define the word "God".
To us the concept simply is Creation... Consciousness,
Awareness... Life... Love... Energy.
That's all it is.

You can use it... YOU ARE IT.
And you can use it in the way you prefer to.

Copyright 1993, Darryl Anka www.Bashar.org


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